A smart light that can dance to music!

A review of an RGB smart bulb from MOES that has warm white as well as cool white LEDs and some nice features.
Nov 05, 2022 — 1 min read — Reviews

A smart light that can dance to music!

This light bulb was sent to me by a company called MOES and it turns out that they make a lot of smart home-related products.

This light bulb is not that expensive and it does everything that is expected from a smart light with one additional feature that I thought is really nice where the bulb will change colors based on the music playing in the background. This is done through the microphone of the phone that is connected to it so there is no microphone in the bulb that can spy on you.

Check the video below for the full review.

Other smart home related products from MOES:

led light bulb smart home
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