Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

I made my custom play button award

I made my custom play button award from an old computer motherboard

Super simple wall art with electronics - Makers Rock 2022

Making an art piece from rock album cover with built-in ATtiny85 and flashing LEDs

RGB module SMD soldering and PCBWay boards review

Testing out the boards that I received from PCBWay for the RGB stairs light.

Post-mortem analysis/repair of dead LED bulb with capacitive dropper

A different style LED lamp failed on me so I had to open it to learn how it works and how it can be fixed.

Designing a PCB for the first time

My very first try at designing and ordering a custom PCB for a project

No parts repair LED light

By understanding how the light works, I was able to fix it without using any replacement parts.

The flaws of the LED bulbs that contribute to waste

An autopsy of two dead LED bulbs.

How to make your flashlight 10x better in an afternoon

To make my flashlight better I replaced its AA batteries with 18650 cells and I've added a TP4056 board so it can be charged externally and an MT3608 board so it can have a constant output.

The Best Way to Make Indicator Lights with LEDs

By adding an LED indicator, I will be able to visually see when the soldering iron is turned on so it will be less likely to forget to turn it off.

Automated TV Bias Light