Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

How to make a perfect fit prototype PCB for electrical boxes in Altium

I used Altium designer to create a perfect-fit PCB for electrical boxes that can be used to house electronics projects.

Making ultrasonic air drums with Arduino

I made a set of ultrasonic MIDI drumkits using an ESP32 and the Arduino BLE MIDI library.

Making a DIY Optocoupler

By using an LED and an LDR, I made an optocoupler that worked better than I thought it will.

How to design a NodeMCU project board with Altium Designer

I've used Altium Designer to make a project board for the NodeMCU that is powered from AC mains.

Arduino Thermostat that is controlled with a Bluetooth Low Energy mobile app

I made a thermostat that has no UI and is only controlled via a mobile app by using Bluetooth Low Energy

ATtiny Programming Shield for the Arduino Uno

I made a programming shield for the Arduino Uno that allows you to program up to 3 ATtiny chips at a time.

No SIM GPS Tracker Using LoRa and Custom Android App

By using LoRa and a GPS receiver, I made a tracker that can work without a SIM card and send out the data to up 8KM.

Single transistor voltage level shifter that you can actually make yourself

An experiment in making a helper circuit for communication between devices of different voltages.

Infinite breadboards

A crazy idea turned into a working prototype that allows you to build infinitely long breadboards.