Making ultrasonic air drums with Arduino

I made a set of ultrasonic MIDI drumkits using an ESP32 and the Arduino BLE MIDI library.
Feb 23, 2023 — 1 min read — Arduino

Making ultrasonic air drums with Arduino

I'm a big fan of air instruments where you basically pretend that you are actually playing something like a guitar or similar so I decided that I will build my own and I settled on making a set of air drums.

To build the project, I used a set of 4 URM09 sensors together with a FireBeetle ESP32 board that was provided by a company called DFRobot.

Written instructions can be found on the project Instructable page and the entire code is available on the GitHub repo.

You can check out the DFRobot store here:

Below is a list of all the DFRobot sensors and controllers used in the video:

i2c esp32 ultrasonic prototype drums
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