Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

Volume knob replacement on a car stereo

Quick summary on how I repaired a car stereo by replacing the encoder on the volume knob.

Post-mortem analysis/repair of dead LED bulb with capacitive dropper

A different style LED lamp failed on me so I had to open it to learn how it works and how it can be fixed.

How to make an Arduino custom I2C slave sensor/device

Using an Arduino to create an I2C slave device for a specific sensor or custom device.

Drawer cables organization system

Making a drawer organizer out of toilet paper rolls.

Implementing Arduino project control with rotary encoder

The simpler the project interface can be, the better the final result it is.

The joy of making new tools

I've made myself a new center punch for my workshop out of an old car engine valve.

Making a Ski Sled

By using an old ski, few iron pipes, and some bolts, I made an interesting sled for some winter fun once the snow arrives.

Fixing the Instagram feed in my website footer

Last week I noticed that the Instagram feed in my website footer was missing so I now fixed it.

Apple MacBook MagSafe charger cable repair

Fixing a common failure in MacBook chargers.

Making a grappling hook

Yes, I do want to be Batman ?