ATtiny Programming Shield for the Arduino Uno

I made a programming shield for the Arduino Uno that allows you to program up to 3 ATtiny chips at a time.
Jul 17, 2022 — 2 mins read — Arduino

ATtiny Programming Shield for the Arduino Uno

I often use the ATTiny85 microcontroller in my projects because of its simplicity and features and since I started working with it, I made a very crude programmer on a piece of prototyping PCB that I have used since.

The old programmer shield is on the left.

The old programmer shield is on the left.

Besides being several years old, the programmer works but I'm not happy with the sockets that it uses and I'm always limited to just programming a single ATtiny at a time.

To fix this, I designed an Arduino shield PCB around the ZIF28 quick-release socket that not only allows for quick placement and removal of the chips but also has enough pins so I can fit 3 ATTiny's at a time and program them at once. You can get all of the details for the programmer and how it is built and used in the video below.

The Gerber files for the board can be downloaded from the project page over at PCBWay and you can also order the PCB from them and get 10 boards for just $5. For more details and written instructions on the shield, please visit the project Instructable.

Other tools and components used:

diy soldering prototype attiny PCB basic electronics programming
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