Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

A second multimeter on the electronics bench! VENLAB VM-200M

A review of the VENLAB VM-200M that I'll now use on my electronics bench to make simultaneous measurements of current and voltage.

ATtiny Programming Shield for the Arduino Uno

I made a programming shield for the Arduino Uno that allows you to program up to 3 ATtiny chips at a time.

Exploring a failed filtration pump timer

Not everything can be easily fixed but examination is still a good learning experience.

How to make an Arduino custom I2C slave sensor/device

Using an Arduino to create an I2C slave device for a specific sensor or custom device.

Implementing Arduino project control with rotary encoder

The simpler the project interface can be, the better the final result it is.

Adding liquid crystal display (LCD) to Arduino projects

Going beyond a blinking LED to display project state

No parts repair LED light

By understanding how the light works, I was able to fix it without using any replacement parts.

Everything you need to know about switches and Arduino

A switch is a seemingly basic device but there is a lot that can be learned about it.

Apple MacBook MagSafe charger cable repair

Fixing a common failure in MacBook chargers.

Android TV Box power supply repair

An easy fix for a supply that wasn't outputting any power.