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I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

How to make a perfect fit prototype PCB for electrical boxes in Altium

I used Altium designer to create a perfect-fit PCB for electrical boxes that can be used to house electronics projects.

How to design a NodeMCU project board with Altium Designer

I've used Altium Designer to make a project board for the NodeMCU that is powered from AC mains.

Designing a footprint for the TP4056 module in Altium Designer

Learn how you can create a footprint in Altium Designer for any module so you can include it in your PCB project.

Custom power bank for electronics projects

I made a custom power bank that is primarily designed with portable battery operated projects in mind.

ATtiny Programming Shield for the Arduino Uno

I made a programming shield for the Arduino Uno that allows you to program up to 3 ATtiny chips at a time.

Infinite breadboards

A crazy idea turned into a working prototype that allows you to build infinitely long breadboards.

How to make beautiful PCB keyrings from recycled printed circuit boards

An old PCB is difficult to be reused but we can easily turn it into something new.

Introducing the ATtiny Device PCB - I2C slave devices

Learn how you can make DIY I2C devices by using the ATtiny Device PCB and an Attiny85.

RGB module SMD soldering and PCBWay boards review

Testing out the boards that I received from PCBWay for the RGB stairs light.

Getting started with Altium Designer

Exploring the basics of Altium Designer and creating a simple PCB.