Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

Reyax RYLR993 Lite Module with External Antenna: Long-Range Communication in IoT Projects

I'm playing with the Reyax RYLR993 lite module that comes with an external antenna. The module supports LoRaWAN, Helium, and the LoRa proprietary communication so it is very easy to be combined with different projects.

Making a DIY Optocoupler

By using an LED and an LDR, I made an optocoupler that worked better than I thought it will.

I bought an LED light bulb that can destroy itself!

I bought a lamp with a warning that it can't run for 24 hours so I decided to take it apart and investigate why that is.

I failed to repair a stud finder from the flea market

I'm not always successful when repairing stuff and this is one of those examples. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this one but it is still educational on the troubleshooting approach.

How to make beautiful PCB keyrings from recycled printed circuit boards

An old PCB is difficult to be reused but we can easily turn it into something new.

I broke the new Arduino IDE - Excessive scale issue

Fixing the excessive scale of Arduino IE 2.0

How to make an Arduino custom I2C slave sensor/device

Using an Arduino to create an I2C slave device for a specific sensor or custom device.

AC Dimming and AC Motor Speed Control How To with Arduino/NodeMCU

Controlling an AC fan with AC dimmer module and NodeMCU

Making an air filter for my workshop

My first step into managing the dust situation in my workshop.

How NOT to build an RC airboat

Version 1 of the airboat failed but a lot was learned for version 2.