Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

Drill battery conversion from NiCd to Lithium

I converted an old NiCd drill battery to Lithium by using salvaged 18650 battery cells from old laptops.

What is the best way to power your electronics project?

A glimpse into the different modules and options that we can use to power our electronics projects from different voltages.

Custom power bank for electronics projects

I made a custom power bank that is primarily designed with portable battery operated projects in mind.

Free LiPo batteries from thrown vape devices

Learn how to extract batteries from used vape devices that you can find on the street and use them in projects

Better power supply for my workbench

After several years, I'm replacing my DIY power supply on the workbench

How to make your flashlight 10x better in an afternoon

To make my flashlight better I replaced its AA batteries with 18650 cells and I've added a TP4056 board so it can be charged externally and an MT3608 board so it can have a constant output.

Car battery charger repair

When something breaks, I try to fix it!

Garage remote battery replacement

A definitive DIY job for anyone!

Ni-MH to Li-ion conversion

Use recycled Li-ion cells to bring life to an old handheld vacuum cleaner.

9V battery connector out of old 9V battery

Never throw out your old 9V batteries. There is just too much in them to reuse!