Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

ButtonBot - A DIY solution to automate any switch with Home Assistant

I created a device that can automate any switch with Home Assistant without touching the mains electricity!

SDS011 based Air Quality Monitor

I made an air quality monitor using the SDS011 particle sensor for use with the pulse.eco platform.

Smart irrigation system for my garden

I built a custom irrigation controller that integrates with Home Assistant.

I made a BLE receiver for my garage door

Since my garage door did not have the option to be controlled from the phone, I added an Arduino BLE receiver module so I can control it from my Android phone.

Makers Rock 2022 Announcement

This year, I once again committed to participating in the Makers Rock, Album Art Collab on YouTube.

How to make beautiful PCB keyrings from recycled printed circuit boards

An old PCB is difficult to be reused but we can easily turn it into something new.

DIY King size bed for half the price

By making a new king size bed out of metal pipes and melamine I was able to save half the money that I would have otherwise spend in store.

Making a Ski Sled

By using an old ski, few iron pipes, and some bolts, I made an interesting sled for some winter fun once the snow arrives.

Wire loop buzzer game

Quick and easy project for kids that you can build in just an afternoon.