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I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

DIY Pellet Burner Controller

I've started making an open-source DIY Arduino based pellet burner controller.

LoRa Distance Testing with RYLR998 in the open field - Amazing results!

I've made two devices to test out how far I can get them to speak to each other using the RYLR998 LoRa modules.

DIY Arduino Solar controller - Can we finish this old project together?

I've started this project 2 years ago and I've procrastinated on it for so long that I now hope we can finish it together!

I broke the new Arduino IDE - Excessive scale issue

Fixing the excessive scale of Arduino IE 2.0

Controlling relays with Arduino

Everything that you need to know to successfully control relays from an Arduino based project.

Arduino settings menu

An easy way how to create a settings menu with your Arduino projects.

How to make an Arduino custom I2C slave sensor/device

Using an Arduino to create an I2C slave device for a specific sensor or custom device.

AC Dimming and AC Motor Speed Control How To with Arduino/NodeMCU

Controlling an AC fan with AC dimmer module and NodeMCU

Implementing Arduino project control with rotary encoder

The simpler the project interface can be, the better the final result it is.

Adding liquid crystal display (LCD) to Arduino projects

Going beyond a blinking LED to display project state