I made a BLE receiver for my garage door

Since my garage door did not have the option to be controlled from the phone, I added an Arduino BLE receiver module so I can control it from my Android phone.
Nov 19, 2022 — 2 mins read — Projects

I made a BLE receiver for my garage door

I wanted to be able to control my garage door from my phone so I created a custom BLE receiver for it with the RYBG211_Lite module from Reyax.

The receiver interacts with a NodeMCU board that then controls a relay once it receives the right message from the companion app that I made with MIT App Inventor.

You can check all the details in the video below!

The code for the NodeMCU and the App Inventor application can be found in the project repository.

The Reyax RYBG211 BLE Module can be found on the links below: https://reyax.com//products/RYBG211_lite

Other parts and tools needed for the project

arduino remote nodemcu ble relay
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