Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

Job site radio repair guide

A general guide on how you can troubleshoot electronic devices for flaws and how ot repair them.

Volume knob replacement on a car stereo

Quick summary on how I repaired a car stereo by replacing the encoder on the volume knob.

RGB module SMD soldering and PCBWay boards review

Testing out the boards that I received from PCBWay for the RGB stairs light.

Post-mortem analysis/repair of dead LED bulb with capacitive dropper

A different style LED lamp failed on me so I had to open it to learn how it works and how it can be fixed.

JCD 8898 Hot Air Gun Soldering Station

Unboxing, review, and testing of my new JCD 8898 hot air soldering station that I received from Banggood.

Getting started with Altium Designer

Exploring the basics of Altium Designer and creating a simple PCB.

Designing a PCB for the first time

My very first try at designing and ordering a custom PCB for a project

Exploring a failed filtration pump timer

Not everything can be easily fixed but examination is still a good learning experience.

Better power supply for my workbench

After several years, I'm replacing my DIY power supply on the workbench

How a helicopter toy is easily saved from the dumpster

Another example of price reduction that contributes to a global waste production problem.