Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

How to easily repair LED panel drivers in just 5 minutes

The most common issue with LED drivers is failed capacitors that can be replaced in less than 5 minutes.

How to replace a headphones jack

I replaced the headphones jack on broken JBL headphones to make them usable again.

DIY Phone Repair: How to Easily Replace Your Screen at Home - Redmi 9A

I recently replaced the screen on a broken Xiaomi Redmi 9A mobile phone to give it a second life.

Making a DIY Optocoupler

By using an LED and an LDR, I made an optocoupler that worked better than I thought it will.

I made WLED Christmas lights for my garage door

By using a NodeMCU board that is flashed with the WLED firmware, I was able to quickly create a Christmas decoration for my garage door.

Adding LoRaWAN capabilities to smartphones, computers, and Raspberry Pi

Using a simple adapter, we can make any smartphone to be an end node in a LoRaWAN application.

Environment monitor for Home Assistant

I made an environment monitor for Home Assistant by using a NodeMCU and a DHT22 sensor on a custom-made PCB that is powered by 220v.

What is the best way to power your electronics project?

A glimpse into the different modules and options that we can use to power our electronics projects from different voltages.

New TP4056 module with step-up circuit review - Not that great!

I found this module on AliExpress and thought it might be a good replacement for two common modules.

How to design a NodeMCU project board with Altium Designer

I've used Altium Designer to make a project board for the NodeMCU that is powered from AC mains.