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I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

RFID Access Control: How to Create a Smart Usage-Limited System with RYRR20I_DE and Mifare Ultralight Tags

I created an access system that can track how many times a card is used and once credits are exhausted, it can limit access until topped up.

Fixing a portable Bluetooth speaker with no signs of life

I fixed this Bluetooth speaker that showed no signs of life and brought it back from the dead.

Troubleshoot and Repair LED Panel Lights - Lambario 18W

Three LED panels failed in the same week so I set out to investigate and figure out what went wrong. In the end, I was able to fix them all and modify their circuit so hopefully they can last longer now.

Movement detection in Adruino and ESPHome

I made an example of how we can interact with Mini PIR sensors with Arduino and ESPHome projects.

Xbox Series X Power Supply Repair

I managed to fix a power supply from an Xbox Series X that had blown metal oxide varistor from an overvoltage situation.

Making a jig for programming Sonoff basic switches

I made a custom jig to help me out with programming lots of Sonoff basic switches.

Repairing a broken laptop charger cable with epoxy

I fixed my neighbor's laptop charger which had its connector completely ripped off and secured it with some epoxy glue.

Energy Harvesting Experiments and Examples

I created a device that can harvest thermal energy and convert it to electricity to spin a motor.

Baby Monitor Camera - Easy Repair

I repaired one more device that was suffering from cracked solder joints.

Failed repair attempt on LED light bulbs

I tried and failed to repair these light bulbs whose capacitors failed to vent properly and flew off instead 🤯🚀


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