Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

MQ7 Carbon Monoxide Sensor done the right way!

Many tutorials explain how to use the MQ7 sensor but they all get it wrong in the required power cycling of the sensor

Failed repair attempt on LED light bulbs

I tried and failed to repair these light bulbs whose capacitors failed to vent properly and flew off instead 🤯🚀

Drill battery conversion from NiCd to Lithium

I converted an old NiCd drill battery to Lithium by using salvaged 18650 battery cells from old laptops.

How to make a perfect fit prototype PCB for electrical boxes in Altium

I used Altium designer to create a perfect-fit PCB for electrical boxes that can be used to house electronics projects.

How to easily repair LED panel drivers in just 5 minutes

The most common issue with LED drivers is failed capacitors that can be replaced in less than 5 minutes.

How to replace a headphones jack

I replaced the headphones jack on broken JBL headphones to make them usable again.

DIY Phone Repair: How to Easily Replace Your Screen at Home - Redmi 9A

I recently replaced the screen on a broken Xiaomi Redmi 9A mobile phone to give it a second life.

Making a DIY Optocoupler

By using an LED and an LDR, I made an optocoupler that worked better than I thought it will.

I made WLED Christmas lights for my garage door

By using a NodeMCU board that is flashed with the WLED firmware, I was able to quickly create a Christmas decoration for my garage door.

Adding LoRaWAN capabilities to smartphones, computers, and Raspberry Pi

Using a simple adapter, we can make any smartphone to be an end node in a LoRaWAN application.