Taste The Code

I make weekly videos of electronics, code and general making

New TP4056 module with step-up circuit review - Not that great!

I found this module on AliExpress and thought it might be a good replacement for two common modules.

How to design a NodeMCU project board with Altium Designer

I've used Altium Designer to make a project board for the NodeMCU that is powered from AC mains.

Designing a footprint for the TP4056 module in Altium Designer

Learn how you can create a footprint in Altium Designer for any module so you can include it in your PCB project.

Custom power bank for electronics projects

I made a custom power bank that is primarily designed with portable battery operated projects in mind.

Free LiPo batteries from thrown vape devices

Learn how to extract batteries from used vape devices that you can find on the street and use them in projects

I made my custom play button award

I made my custom play button award from an old computer motherboard

I failed to repair a stud finder from the flea market

I'm not always successful when repairing stuff and this is one of those examples. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this one but it is still educational on the troubleshooting approach.

Single transistor voltage level shifter that you can actually make yourself

An experiment in making a helper circuit for communication between devices of different voltages.

Super simple wall art with electronics - Makers Rock 2022

Making an art piece from rock album cover with built-in ATtiny85 and flashing LEDs

Power bank damaged by water - is there any hope for it?

A repair attempt on a very badly water damaged power bank that I found in the flea market.