Xbox Series X Power Supply Repair

I managed to fix a power supply from an Xbox Series X that had blown metal oxide varistor from an overvoltage situation.
Dec 15, 2023 — 1 min read — Electronics

Xbox Series X Power Supply Repair

A friend of mine had a mishap in his home where the neutral wire from the house was disconnected and caused a lot of devices to burn out because of the overvoltage situation. In such cases, with the neutral disconnected, devices get connected between two phases and experience 380V or more instead of the expected 230V as we have it here locally.

The most common fault in such situations is a blown metal oxide varistor that serves the purpose of protecting the devices from situations like this and this was not much different.

The metal oxide varistor was blown, together with the fuse on the PCB, and replacing both got the power supply working again.

You can check the entire process in the video below.

power supply repair
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