Infinite breadboards

A crazy idea turned into a working prototype that allows you to build infinitely long breadboards.
Mar 22, 2022 — 2 mins read — Electronics

Infinite breadboards

You know that feeling when you get an idea and it is crazy, but you have to try it out? Well, that is exactly how this PCB came to life.

Breadboard jumper v0.1 PCB

Breadboard jumper v0.1 PCB

While working on a project one day, I found myself in a situation where I ran out of pins on the mini breadboards that I often use. Without thinking, I reached for another breadboard and started connecting the two with jumper wires, and just like that, I had a nice nest of wires that it was now impossible for me to follow through and know what is what.

Looking at that mess, I thought if there is some way that I can solve this and the idea came that a custom PCB with just the right dimensions can serve as a jumper between the boards, eliminating the need for any extra wires.

I tinkered a lot with the design in Altium Designer (30% discount available on the link), and once I was happy with the design, I sent my order to PCBWay to manufacture them. I use PCBWay for all of my prototypes that you can find on my Tindie shop and I can say for sure that they provide exceptional quality every time.

There is a video below of the boards, where I explain in great detail how you can assemble them and how you can use them with your projects.

prototype PCB breadboard
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