How to easily repair LED panel drivers in just 5 minutes

The most common issue with LED drivers is failed capacitors that can be replaced in less than 5 minutes.
Jan 31, 2023 — 2 mins read — Electronics

How to easily repair LED panel drivers in just 5 minutes

I had a bunch of broken LED drivers from the panel light that I use in my home so I decided to give it a go and try to repair them.

LED panels can suffer from occasional failure, however, the most frequent issue that these panels and their drivers experience is capacitor failure due to being exposed to heat and pushed to the limits of their capabilities.

In the video below, I will be providing a detailed guide to how these drivers operate, their construction, and what can be done to fix them.

Fortunately, most of the time the LED panel itself is not damaged, so investing a bit of time can save you a lot of money in the long run, as you will have a stockpile of fixed drivers available for when another failure occurs.

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To repair an LED panel you might need the following tools and materials:

diy led repair
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