Baby Monitor Camera - Easy Repair

I repaired one more device that was suffering from cracked solder joints.
Oct 06, 2023 — 1 min read — Electronics

Baby Monitor Camera - Easy Repair

Every day I come across devices that have failed because of a very simple reason and this was again true with the baby monitor camera that my brother brought in for repair.

He complained that in order for the camera to operate, he needs to tilt and adjust the connector to a specific position, and only then it will work. Sometimes even if it originally was working, during operation it would cut off so he then needed to go and move it again to get the image again on the wireless monitor.

This immediately raised some flags that we might have some cracked or cold solder joints where the connection is only partially made under certain pressure or angle, but it also could have been that the connector was damaged in some way.

To explore the issue I opened it up and you can watch the video of the process below.

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soldering camera repair
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