Miter saw stand build

I used steel tubing and particleboard to make this stand!
Mar 08, 2020 — 1 min read — Workshop

Miter saw stand build

I've owned this Parkside PZKS 1500 B2 sliding miter saw for close to 3 years now and every time I need to use it I was moving it from table to table and into the box without it having a permanent space to sit in.

My initial idea was to build a proper miter saw station around it, but since this thing is huge and requires a lot of space in the back, I would have lost access to the wall behind where I want to hang my tools. So instead I've decided to build only a stand and have it available for quick cuts.

The miter saw stand is built out of a 20 x 20 mm square steel tube that is welded together with 5 rails made out of angle iron. On those rails, I've added 5 drawers made out of 12 mm particle board. The entire build cost me less than $30 for the materials and about 2 days of work with the filming.

The full written instructions with pictures is available in the Instructables article.

The end result is very practical and above all, it is a perfect project if you want to get started with welding and metalworking as well as if you are a beginner woodworker. I check all those marks and I had great fun making this miter saw stand.

Download the free SketchUp Model of this miter saw stand here.

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