SDS011 based Air Quality Monitor

I made an air quality monitor using the SDS011 particle sensor for use with the platform.
Sep 08, 2023 — 2 mins read — Projects

SDS011 based Air Quality Monitor

Unfortunately, where I live, the air quality in winter is really bad and the air is very polluted.

There are many reasons why it is like that but the main contributors are the aging cars we have on the roads, the nearby coal powerplant, and the high use of firewood for heating the homes among other geographical issues that prevent good airflow.

Many initiatives have been formed and people are generally aware of the issue but very little action is taken by the authorities to prevent the pollution from happening.

To provide better information to the general public about the current situation and status of the air, one local company created a platform called where people can connect their DIY sensors, based on the SDS011 particle sensor. The platform aggregates the data from all of the sensors and provides a nice interface for displaying the data as well as mobile apps for having the info on the go.

The current situation as shown on the platform for Bitola, Macedonia

The current situation as shown on the platform for Bitola, Macedonia

To help with the effort of providing better information about the current state, I also made my own sensor and attached it to the outside of my house so I could have info about my neighborhood and then use that data in my home automation setup to create actions and notifications in Home Assistant.

You can check out the video for the making and mounting of the sensor below.

To create a sensor of your own, you will need the following components and tools:

All of the instructions and the required firmware can be found on the website at:

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