Improving the airboat

I fixed the rudder position and the buoyancy and now it runs great!
Oct 18, 2020 — 2 mins read — Remote Control

Improving the airboat

About two weeks ago I showed you how you should NOT build an airboat and how I learned why the position of the rudder is really important in boat design. 

How NOT to build an RC airboat

I now fixed my issues by moving the rudder all the way back on the boat and I greatly improved the buoyancy by adding a skirt to the entire underside of the boat. 

The test run went perfect and for a change, I did not get into the mud in order to rescue it. 

Check out the build video below and for more details, you can check the build article over at Instructables.

Tools and materials used in the video:

remote bait boat airboat rc fishing
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