New TP4056 module with step-up circuit review - Not that great!

I found this module on AliExpress and thought it might be a good replacement for two common modules.
Oct 28, 2022 — 2 mins read — Electronics

New TP4056 module with step-up circuit review - Not that great!

I was scrolling through AliExpress when I came across a new variation of the TP4056 module that had a built-in step-up circuit so the li-ion battery voltage could be raised to 5V or even more so we can power our projects directly from it.

So far, beyond the TP4056 module, I was often using an MT3608 module as well for this purpose so I was really interested to check out this module and see how it works so I can default to it in the future so I ordered a bunch and put them to the test.

Well, it turns out even thou the module is working and producing the expected output voltages, it has a major flaw that it never disconnects the battery voltage from the output so when used on projects that are unattended, it can happen that the battery will be drained below the safe levels and it might get damaged so I do not really recommend to be used unless you have constant supervision of it.

Tools and materials used in the project:

review 18650 charger TP4056
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