Power bank damaged by water - is there any hope for it?

A repair attempt on a very badly water damaged power bank that I found in the flea market.
Apr 17, 2022 — 2 mins read — Electronics

Power bank damaged by water - is there any hope for it?

You probably already know that water and electricity don't mix and once they do, very bad things happen to whatever electronic device received the water treatment.

In this case, the damaged device is a power bank that I purchased from the flea market with hopes that maybe some of the cells inside are damaged and I can replace them with some of my salvaged 18650 cells from old laptop batteries.

Once I brought the power bank home and tried to charge it, it started charging normally but when I pressed the button on it after some time to check the charging level, the power bank got extremely hot and I was scared that it might catch on fire.

To prevent that I immediately opened the case and cut the wires going from the batteries to the control board.

In the video below, you can check out my process for checking out the circuit and investigating what is wrong with it in an attempt that I repair it.

Tools and materials used in the video:

18650 repair power bank
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