Repairing a broken laptop charger cable with epoxy

I fixed my neighbor's laptop charger which had its connector completely ripped off and secured it with some epoxy glue.
Nov 17, 2023 — 2 mins read — Electronics

Repairing a broken laptop charger cable with epoxy

Cables are usually made to be durable but if you don't treat them well, they often break. These breaks happen in places where there is repeated twisting, like close to the connecting jacks and the closer the break in the cable is to the jack, the more difficult it is for it to be repaired.

I was given one such charger from one of my neighbors to repair it, they initially had it repaired by themself, but the break was so close to the end, that it was no longer possible for them to mechanically connect the wires and have them separated enough so they don't touch and cause a short circuit.

To start the repair, I first used my utility knife to remove some of the plastic from the barrel jack to expose more wire from inside that was undamaged. At first, this seemed as if it succeeded, but I quickly realized that the wire was damaged further so I had to cut deeper into the connector.

Once I had the connector electrically fixed, I wanted to secure the connection mechanically, so it does not get separated easily in the future.

To do so, I used 5 minutes epoxy glue, which I put all over the connector, the connection, and the good part of the cable, so everything is bound mechanically to provide strain relief.

The final result was sturdy as a rock and turned out much better than I hoped it would. You can see the result in the video above.

Tools and materials for the repair:

epoxy repair charger
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