Car battery charger repair

When something breaks, I try to fix it!
Jul 25, 2020 ā€” 2 mins read ā€” Electronics

Car battery charger repair

If you don't know already, I'm a big advocate of repairing old electronics.

The world makes so much electronic waste that it is beyond imagination and the worst part is that most of those devices usually have just a few broken components that only cost pennies to repair. However, no one seems to care and we throw stuff anyway. ??

Knowing about my passion, my brother gave me an old car battery charger to test out and possibly repair.

When I tested the charger, it was working but it was only producing half of the required voltage on the output.

I opened it up and I diagnosed that the bridge rectifier, a small 4 diodes device that converts the AC current to DC, was damaged so I replaced it and the charger now works as new.

Check out the video of me opening the charger and trying to figure out what is wrong. You'll see that this is not difficult at all for anyone with basic understanding of electronics.

As usual, I also have a written Instructable with more details and step by step pictures on the entire process.

Tools and materials used in the video (affiliate links):

battery car reuse repair charger
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