Drawer cables organization system

Making a drawer organizer out of toilet paper rolls.
Jun 01, 2021 — 1 min read — Workshop

Drawer cables organization system

Organizing cables in a drawer can be a hustle as, over time, cables tend to mingle with each other and create big clumps of spaghetti mess.

At my desk, I have one such drawer and I gave it my best to keep it organized but without success as I did not have any system in place to keep it that way.

In the video below, I'm making an organization system for the cables out of toilet paper rolls. The rolls are glued together in rows to form a mesh that will then keep the individual cables in place and not allow them to mix with each other.

If you want some more detailed written instructions for the drawer organizer, be sure to check out the Instructable for the project.

Tools and materials used in the video:

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