Getting started with Altium Designer

Exploring the basics of Altium Designer and creating a simple PCB.
Sep 18, 2021 ā€” 1 min read ā€” Electronics

Getting started with Altium Designer

Designing PCBs is not easy, so having a great tool to help is essential.

When I started exploring PCB design, I was constantly exposed to a specific PCB design software called Altium Designer. However, Altium is so powerful that I was intimidated to even try it out as it looked really complex.

When the folks at Altium Designer offered to sponsor some of my videos, I immediately said yes, as I really wanted to learn the software.

If you want to try Altium for yourself, you can get your free trial here, along with a 30% discount that they offer for my readers and viewers.

Below is a video of me exploring Altium where I recreate the RGB module PCB that I created before.

The final PCB can also be explored below thanks to the Altium 365 Viewer that you also get with Altium Designer.

PCB tutorial Altium
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