How to reuse old CPUs and make beautiful keyrings

I made two keyrings from old Intel and AMD processors that are no longer useful for their intended purpose.
Jan 15, 2022 — 1 min read — Random

How to reuse old CPUs and make beautiful keyrings

I had two very old CPUs in my junk collection and I wanted to make something interesting with them.

Since they are not very practical for anything else other than their intended purpose, I came up with the idea to make keyrings out of them and turn them into something practical that can be used every day.

Surprisingly, CPUs make the perfect keyrings as they are perfectly sized, and also they have a good weight for the size because of the copper block that is on top of them for heat distribution.

Below you can check out the video of the build and if you want more details on it, you can check out the project Instructables article.

Tools and materials used in the video:

keyring reuse recycle CPU
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