Making my own tool - Dim Bulb Tester

I made myself a new tool that I can now use to test equipment that might possibly be short-circuited.
Feb 11, 2022 — 2 mins read — Electronics

Making my own tool - Dim Bulb Tester

You know that feeling when you make a thing that then immediately helps you?

That is exactly what I felt with this project. It is super cheap, super easy to be made but the value that this dim bulb tester that I made brings to the workbench is outstanding.

If you have never before heard about a dim bulb tester, it is a device that helps you to connect an incandescent light bulb in series with whatever device that you are testing. With the bulb in series, if the device under test has a short-circuit inside, the worst thing that can happen is to light that bulb.

No explosions, no circuit breaker trips, no scaring, and most importantly, you won't cause any extra damage to the device. The light bulb acts as a resistor and it limits the current that can pass through the device under test. This is especially important for stuff like audio equipment, where any excess current might cause further damage to it.

The construction of the current limiter is very simple. All you need is a wall socket with a switch, an E27 light socket, and a light bulb (links below). Full instructions can be found in the Instructable article. Additionally, below is a video of the entire build process if that is your thing.

Tools and materials required to build this project:

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