Welding Chipping Hammer

I made a new tool for myself.
Jan 31, 2020 — 1 min read — Workshop

Welding Chipping Hammer

In the quest of learning new skills, having the right tools is always rewarding and nice. 

So I recently learned how to weld and to be able to make future projects easier, I saw the need for making a chipping hammer for my workshop. 

In just an afternoon, out of some scrap rebar, I've built this chipping hammer and I just can't be happier of how it turned out. 

The hammer is small, precise and can get into some tight spaces if it ever needs to depend on the project. 

The choice of rebar for the material is not very strong, but since the hammer will only be used for removing slag it does not need to be stronger.

In the video below you can check the build process and maybe you will get inspired to make one for yourself as well.

workshop diy hammer welding
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