No SIM GPS Tracker Using LoRa and Custom Android App

By using LoRa and a GPS receiver, I made a tracker that can work without a SIM card and send out the data to up 8KM.
Jun 29, 2022 — 3 mins read — Arduino

No SIM GPS Tracker Using LoRa and Custom Android App

Tracking an object via GPS, requires a way to send that data back to a receiver or a central processing station so it can then be worked with.

The most common way of sending this data anywhere is through a GSM connection, where the tracker is given the ability to use the cellular service to either send SMS, make calls or send data via the Internet.

This is all fine but the problem is that this always requires extra subscriptions and extra costs for that SIM card that will be placed inside the tracker. Sometimes, some devices need to be tracked within a certain range and if that range is less than 8KM, then we can use LoRa instead of the GSM connection to send out the location data.

Some of the example use cases for this tracker are:

  • tracking a hunting dog in a remote location where GSM might not be even possible,
  • mountaineering, so you can track your partner in the woods,
  • cycling with a partner,
  • tracking of cattle in an open field
  • tracking of equipment in a mine, etc.

In the video above, I'm showing how I made a set of GPS tracker, that uses LoRa to send out its location, and another LoRa receiver that connects to a mobile phone and displays that location on a map.

The app is custom built by my friend Slavko and it also uses the phone's built-in GPS to show you your location as well as the last 10 points of the tracker so it can be very easily seen what direction the tracker is going. You can find the app on the Play Store and more details about it will be published on Slavko's YouTube channel.

The code used in the example for both the transmitter and the receiver can be found on GitHub and more details can be found in the project Instructable.

If you are interested that we take this project to the next level and make a custom PCB, enclosure and updating the app with more features, please subscribe and leave me a comment so I can know that there is interest in that.

REYAX RYS8830 GPS Module

REYAX RYLR998 LoRa Module

Other tools and materials used in the project:

prototype arduino uart remote LoRa project esp8266
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